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  • amber | ambone13

    • no one's gonna wait there with you. #vscocam #scottiegscarpetsquare #lifeincbus
    • this is not at all simple. this is enormous and profound every single time. I feel lucky to be someone who knows this. #vscocam #asseenincolumbus
    • there's a metaphor here. #vscocam
    • you probably smile like that all the time. #vscocam #lifeincbus #thanksforthis
    • gosh. best cabinet. #vscocam #billholm
    • there's an art to life's distractions... any thrill will do. #vscocam
    • sand creations. happy birthday, @irisatkins_! 😘 #vscocam
    • @dcjoseph caught grammin'. #vscocam #lifeincbus #serifhouse
    • I didn't think it was possible, but I fell more in love with this creature this weekend. #vscocam #thebigidea
    • I just have a thing for clouds. #vscocam #lifeincbus
    • this morning I woke up and unpacked my kitchen. silently. I put all of the magnets on the fridge attached to the summer's events I already attended (or didn't) and then I took them down. the only thing there now is a piece of paper that says "bloom where you're planted" and I like that. here I am. #vscocam #thesundayseries #lifeincbus
    • steady as the stars in the woods, so happy-hearted. the warmth rang true inside these bones. as the old pine fell, we sang just to bless the morning. #vscocam
    • feeling pretty confident about my saturday choices: a chunky sweater and yoga pants, a crossword, a killer playlist, and some chardonnay. #vscocam #lifeincbus
    • dancin' machines right here. #vscocam #thecarders
    • making plans. THAT was so, so good. #vscocam #thecarders
    • this is september. #vscocam
    • I'm on a mild sleep hiatus as of late, so this morning when I was sitting up in bed drinking coffee,  binge watching new girl, and unpuzzling a crossword, smelling the rain made me grateful. that's all. #vscocam #catsofinstagram #thesundayseries
    • giving up's just another way of getting back home. #vscocam #lifeincbus #happythankyoumoreplease
    • ramping golf carts with @iris.atkins was just what this kid needed yesterday. #vscocam #muskco
    • turn on the light. turn it back off. #vscocam #lifeincbus
  • nate | nateembrey

    • ring the bells that still can ring. #vscocam
    • respect and generosity and courage and empathy and hope and kindness and gratitude and compassion and grace and risk and love, all with enough space left for free will to breathe. remove religion from the equation and this is still where i want to live. i’m trying, guys. #vscocam
    • so long, summer. #vscocam
    • i want to be honest with everyone, i feel heavy today. it’s a hard one. a hard kind of heavy. -
i’ve learned that i can almost always trust my gut when it tells me a thing. it talks and i know what it sounds like and it generally doesn’t take me anywhere that i find myself wishing it didn't. i generally feel like it knows something i don’t. the things it chimes in on usually end up better even when it doesn’t feel like that will be true. -
the hardest thing i know to do is let the stomach of a friend make a decision when your own stomach would make another. trust comes in some gnarly flavors and this is one of them. i don’t know if i’ll get to the place where i can disregard one of these intuitions i have...but i can create space in which another person has permission to follow theirs regardless. right or wrong, freedom is found in restraint. -
i want to be honest with everyone, I'm trying hard to be great. i’m still learning how to do everything I just wrote about but I think i'm getting better. at least that's what my gut is telling me. #vscocam
    • back to feeling like I'm going to take over the world so you guys all have a nice day and stuff. #vscocam
    • @noahgundersen is in columbus, ohio friends. the show is this evening at skully's. 7:30 doors. come get you some if you'd like to. #vscocam
    • I've decided to keep them. #vscocam
    • whatever you do, don't quit everything you know and sell everything you own and move to another state on the opposite side of the country to take the biggest risk of your life unless you're ready to deal with the consequences. i planned on this chapter of my business-life being hard, i really did. and i'm proud of myself for dealing with it how i have. i've taken a few on the chin and i've pivoted and persevered and i've recalibrated and started over. three times. but when you go it alone you will hit a wall or twelve and a few will be REALLY big. and you will want to sit down, back against the stone, hugging your legs with your face buried in between your knees and your chest. and you will want want to cry and you will. solo. by yourself.
today i'm reminding myself that that's fine. that the wall doesn't just stop progress but it does so while it distorts the view. and sitting down to breathe isn't just ok, but it's sort of required. and that i picked this by myself, so it's alright that i'm by myself. being determined and believing in whatever it is you believe in are good things, but so is stopping to take catch your breath. so is being forced to stop and catch your breath.
i've had a really rough week. I found another wall. but it doesn't get to tell me how to act and it certainly doesn't get to tell me what to do. so i'm writing this caption with my head between my legs and repeating out loud that this thing will be what i want it to be and for no other reason than because i said it is. i see the end even now and when i get there things will look different than they do standing here. i'll be there soon. i'll be there sometime. and before long i'm going to sit down and i'm going to bow my head and i'm going to fall apart, but this time for a different reason. this time my back won't be up against a wall but resting against a bed and i'll be breathing air because it's fresh instead of being forced to by way of hyperventilation. this week's been long but i'm banking on the weeks and months and years coming after that will make me forget any of this ever happened. - 
spring forward, fall forward too. over walls and across the finish line. #vscocam
    • I sometimes do not enjoy fall as much as I'd like to because fall now means winter next. winter I don't care for. but fall is now and winter is not now and if I want to be present then thinking about what the next season may be like is a stupid place to spend the night. so I moved out. #vscocam
    • let it be, kid. #vscocam
    • "the only things you learn are the things you tame." #vscocam
    • friday. NIGHT. @brenna_marriie @lizzygundersen
    • fall's here and the wardrobe came with it. #vscocam
    • "even the bad things made sense." #vscocam
    • autumn's bounty, bread and red wine. #vscocam
    • fall. get it. #vscocam
    • this is the part where m. ward came out and played some songs with conor oberst in portland. hope you all had a really good day. #vscocam
    • coasts do interesting things to you when you let them. the winds and the waves are just...different out there. they have a sort of relentlessness that's somehow never out of sync. the ebb and flow. everything is working against and together. the air is pushing things around and the tides are pulling them back again, all in right rhythm. there's an invisible cadence happening all around you. maybe I can learn a little more from places like this. maybe you can. or maybe we get stuck in the tension and never get to the place where we understand that opposing forces, from a few steps back, aren't. the two things are one thing. that when you're caught in between it feels violent and chaotic but when you're up above it starts looking more like a dance. more like magic. more like measure.
the last time I was staring at the atlantic I wrote some things in the sand. I did the same thing a few nights ago at the edge of the of the pacific. I'm ok letting the wind and the waves do what they want with both. #vscocam
    • #makeovermonday. ps, I have an extra ticket to conor oberst tomorrow night. hmu. #vscocam
    • gas pedal. #icantasteit #itsdelicious #shhhhh
  • ben | ben_j

    • Congratulations, Ryan & Courtney! I can't wait to start editing these! @courtneyleezink #VSCOcam
    • Planes. Processed with B2 using #VSCOcam
    • Rooftops. Processed using B6 in #VSCOcam
    • My first watch strap. Processed using HB2 in #VSCOcam
    • Onions. Processed using #VSCOcam.
    • So pumped that these are starting to ripen up! Processed using H8 in #VSCOcam
    • AA-AZ. Processed using A1 in #VSCOcam
    • abandoned tractor sales business. Processed using E2 in #VSCOcam
    • #vscocam M3
    • C17. #VSCOcam B1
    • #VSCOcam F1
    • Yo! I started a separate insta for some of my wedding/senior work. check it out :) @benjaminlaurelphoto
    • state forest. #VSCOcam F2
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    • silica sands. #VSCOcam
    • central park. #VSCOcam F3
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    • #VSCOcam B2
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    • Boots on the ground. Ground on the light. 
    • "This is your brain on plot" Check it out on the blerg:

    • I've come to terms with the weather. #vscocam
    • 🕠 #vscocam 
    • Reign as kings. 
    • To the sky. 
    • When you move, fall like a thunderbolt. 
    • Hope is not a plan. 
    • Pumpkin pillaging with the great and mystical @kingviking.

    • It's a Friday. 
    • 🇺🇸📹 #vscocam 
    • Bankes wedding. 
    • Found it. 
    • I took a trip into the Smoky Mountains to get away, clear my head, and get some rest for my soul. While I was hiking an old man wearing a ring on every finger insisted he take my photo. 
    • "The stream is your soul. And you are the keeper." #vscocam
    • "It is not what you do; it's what you become." #vscocam 
    • In those days there were giants in the land... #vscocam
    • I needed this. 
    • Spotted this spot downtown last night. @angajayne 
    • P H A  N  T O M @brandswell 

can’t stop; won’t stop.

i have been feeling guilty for not updating the blog recently, so this is what is happening:
somebody (me | amber) is in the studio all alone today and i cannot seem to stop watching these two videos.
so… i’m curled up on this couch with the space heater on my feet and enjoying some studio alone time.

























if the boys were here, i don’t think they would want to listen to it on repeat, so it’s a good thing they’re not here.


enjoy these gems:

unbelievable “star witness” cover.
mini hipsters.

also… happy halloweenie:)



STUDIO LIFE :: we made a chalk door

so… check it. we have goals in the studio. obviously. who doesn’t?
we wanted to be able to make something where we could write our goals.
chalkdoor?! ABSOLUTELY.

nate told us we weren’t allowed to make it too cluttered, so obviously i had to draw smiley faces and hearts.
and then we put the board up when it was still wet, so they bled. and dripped… onto the couch. oopsies.


poem for people that are understandably too busy to read poetry

sometimes a delicious poem is so good for the soul. and today is a feel good day.
if, after reading this poem, you feel like coming to sit in this lovely chair to read more, you can.
we’ll take a picture of you doing so.
enjoyyou’re welcome.

have a good weekend, lovers!:)

Poem For People That Are Understandably Too Busy To Read Poetry

Relax. This won’t last long.
Or if it does, or if the lines
make you sleepy or bored,
give in to sleep, turn on
the T.V., deal the cards.
This poem is built to withstand
such things. Its feelings
cannot be hurt. They exist
somewhere in the poet,
and I am far away.
Pick it up anytime. Start it
in the middle if you wish.
It is as approachable as melodrama,
and can offer you violence
if it is violence you like. Look,
there’s a man on a sidewalk;
the way his leg is quivering
he’ll never be the same again.
This is your poem
and I know you’re busy at the office
or the kids are into your last nerve.
Maybe it’s sex you’ve always wanted.
Well, they lie together
like the party’s unbuttoned coats,
slumped on the bed
waiting for drunken arms to move them.
I don’t think you want me to go on;
everyone has his expectations, but this
is a poem for the entire family.
Right now, Budweiser
is dripping from a waterfall,
deodorants are hissing into armpits
of people you resemble,
and the two lovers are dressing now,
saying farewell.
I don’t know what music this poem
can come up with, but clearly
it’s needed. For it’s apparent
they will never see each other again
and we need music for this
because there was never music when he or she
left you standing on the corner.
You see, I want this poem to be nicer
than life. I want you to look at it
when anxiety zigzags your stomach
and the last tranquilizer is gone
and you need someone to tell you
I’ll be here when you want me
like the sound inside a shell.
The poem is saying that to you now.
But don’t give anything for this poem.
It doesn’t expect much. It will never say more
than listening can explain.
Just keep it in your attache case
or in your house. And if you’re not asleep
by now, or bored beyond sense,
the poem wants you to laugh. Laugh at
yourself, laugh at this poem, at all poetry.
Come on:

Good. Now here’s what poetry can do.

Imagine yourself a caterpillar.
There’s an awful shrug and, suddenly,
You’re beautiful for as long as you live.

- Stephen Dunn