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  • amber | ambone13

    • feeling pretty confident about my saturday choices: a chunky sweater and yoga pants, a crossword, a killer playlist, and some chardonnay. #vscocam #lifeincbus
    • dancin' machines right here. #vscocam #thecarders
    • making plans. THAT was so, so good. #vscocam #thecarders
    • this is september. #vscocam
    • I'm on a mild sleep hiatus as of late, so this morning when I was sitting up in bed drinking coffee,  binge watching new girl, and unpuzzling a crossword, smelling the rain made me grateful. that's all. #vscocam #catsofinstagram #thesundayseries
    • giving up's just another way of getting back home. #vscocam #lifeincbus #happythankyoumoreplease
    • ramping golf carts with @iris.atkins was just what this kid needed yesterday. #vscocam #muskco
    • turn on the light. turn it back off. #vscocam #lifeincbus
    • dear columbus, sometimes I get overwhelmed by you, so thank you for giving me this day to see your greener bits. feel free to keep it coming. #vscocam #thesundayseries #asseenincolumbus
    • welcome back to earth, glenn. #vscocam #friendship7 @homage
    • the calm after the storm. #vscocam
    • be as quiet as you can. #vscocam #bitsofmuskingum #thesundayseries
    • ain't the one that I saw coming. #vscocam #ohiosummer
    • a nice breeze makes for a really good cat nappin' sunday. #vscocam #catsofinstagram #thesundayseries
    • when I hear chingy and luda on the radio, it makes me a happier human. obviously this was a before shot. #vscocam #asseenincolumbus
    • you guys, this baby and her five brothers and sisters need a home. #vscocam #catsofinstagram #asseenincolumbus
    • #hockingriverstringband #vscocam #liveatthemoon
    • cowboys like us sure do have fun. #vscocam #kobemikel
    • you're just showing off. #vscocam #thanksmonday #backyardhangs
    • sunday, I'm always pleasantly surprised. #vscocam #thesundayseries
  • nate | nateembrey

    • in two months @lizzygundersen has become one of my best friends. this person will be in my life for long, long time. #vscocam
    • madrona babe brunch followed by car singalongs to counting crows and dashboard. cool bye. #vscocam
    • @danieljameslyon and myself showing my boy andy what seattle's made of. I thought @ellencstiebs was going to show up but apparently the drive from ohio was a little too lengthy for her. ;) #vscocam
    • and then seattle said, "welcome home. I missed you so." #vscocam
    • "no man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself.” #vscocam
    • "no story ever really ends, and I think I know why.” #vscocam
    • local natives. columbus had awfully nice way of welcoming me home. #vscocam
    • I've done a bad thing by way of not doing more cool things whilst here/on this side of the country. I would like to publicly apologize and promise to change that immediately. absolve me. #vscocam
    • "I think it was milosz, the polish poet, who when he lay in a doorway and watched the bullets lifting the cobbles out of the street beside him realised that most poetry is not equipped for life in a world where people actually die. but some is.” #vscocam
    • underneath it nobody's back is straight. #vscocam
    • I live on this street. #vscocam
    • "I hope this electronic message has found you well." #vscocam
    • yesterday was mountain river hangs and tonight I'm on a porch watching a northwest storm do her thing. get it. #vscocam
    • fireball. #vscocam
    • this is a video that i shot for my buddy @noahgundersen. it’s a quick recap of his recent UK tour that i was lucky enough to tag along for. check the whole thing out by searching for “noah gundersen uk” on youtube. 
note: ironically, i shot this on the camera that was stolen which i also just launched an indiegogo campaign for. i’ll do a proper update soon, but i’ve hit my initial goal of $1k and owe everyone a HUGE thank you. i’m working on the second goal of 2k (i’m sure this one will be much harder) which will actually mean i get everything back that i lost. that link is in my profile if you want to read more about it. happy friday, babies.
    • "above all, don't lie to yourself. the man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. and having no respect he ceases to love." #vscocam
    • this is a photo of the brand strategist and co-founder of my startup doing a final audit of our landing page at his computer in ohio. the app is all but complete and we're in the homestretch. I'm overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions this morning. #vscocam
    • being the average of the five people you spend the most time with doesn't just mean you need to hang out with cool friends, it means you have a responsibility to be someone worthy of being one of their five friends as well. you're not just upping your game, you're upping theirs. never don't do good. ever. #sundaythoughts #vscocam
    • seattle hangs. I'm fortunate. #nottaggingeveryone #vscocam
    • the wins and losses come together in the end or they don't. #vscocam #northwestisfoggy
  • ben | ben_j

    • Planes. Processed with B2 using #VSCOcam
    • Rooftops. Processed using B6 in #VSCOcam
    • My first watch strap. Processed using HB2 in #VSCOcam
    • Onions. Processed using #VSCOcam.
    • So pumped that these are starting to ripen up! Processed using H8 in #VSCOcam
    • AA-AZ. Processed using A1 in #VSCOcam
    • abandoned tractor sales business. Processed using E2 in #VSCOcam
    • #vscocam M3
    • C17. #VSCOcam B1
    • #VSCOcam F1
    • Yo! I started a separate insta for some of my wedding/senior work. check it out :) @benjaminlaurelphoto
    • state forest. #VSCOcam F2
    • #VSCOcam M2
    • #VSCOcam
    • silica sands. #VSCOcam
    • central park. #VSCOcam F3
    • #VSCOcam M3
    • #VSCOcam K2
    • #VSCOcam B2
    • #VSCOcam F3
  • douglas | dcjoseph

    • From a few weeks ago. Pittsburgh adventuring around with @angajayne 
    • And we fell into like a day dream or a fever. 
    • The sunset before an epic evening. 
    • Worldview. 
    • Office light. 
    • I just got in issue 0 from @collectivequarterly today. This magazine is fantastic. The people, the visuals, and the stories are incredible. Go pick up a copy, there'll be no regrets. 
    • You'll never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. 
    • Pittsburgh hangs with my lady. 
    • Bird talk. #vscocam
    • never ending white lights. #vscocam
    • Lucid. 
    • Indeed. 
    • Good read. #vscocam
    • ✌️ #vscocam 
    • locks are metaphorical. 
    • My girlfriend's grandpa's tie clip in action. 
    • Tasty goods from the Clintonville Farmer's Market. 
    • she. 
    • neither day or night. 
    • Magic hour meets rain at Hunington Park. 

can’t stop; won’t stop.

i have been feeling guilty for not updating the blog recently, so this is what is happening:
somebody (me | amber) is in the studio all alone today and i cannot seem to stop watching these two videos.
so… i’m curled up on this couch with the space heater on my feet and enjoying some studio alone time.

























if the boys were here, i don’t think they would want to listen to it on repeat, so it’s a good thing they’re not here.


enjoy these gems:

unbelievable “star witness” cover.
mini hipsters.

also… happy halloweenie:)



STUDIO LIFE :: we made a chalk door

so… check it. we have goals in the studio. obviously. who doesn’t?
we wanted to be able to make something where we could write our goals.
chalkdoor?! ABSOLUTELY.

nate told us we weren’t allowed to make it too cluttered, so obviously i had to draw smiley faces and hearts.
and then we put the board up when it was still wet, so they bled. and dripped… onto the couch. oopsies.


poem for people that are understandably too busy to read poetry

sometimes a delicious poem is so good for the soul. and today is a feel good day.
if, after reading this poem, you feel like coming to sit in this lovely chair to read more, you can.
we’ll take a picture of you doing so.
enjoyyou’re welcome.

have a good weekend, lovers!:)

Poem For People That Are Understandably Too Busy To Read Poetry

Relax. This won’t last long.
Or if it does, or if the lines
make you sleepy or bored,
give in to sleep, turn on
the T.V., deal the cards.
This poem is built to withstand
such things. Its feelings
cannot be hurt. They exist
somewhere in the poet,
and I am far away.
Pick it up anytime. Start it
in the middle if you wish.
It is as approachable as melodrama,
and can offer you violence
if it is violence you like. Look,
there’s a man on a sidewalk;
the way his leg is quivering
he’ll never be the same again.
This is your poem
and I know you’re busy at the office
or the kids are into your last nerve.
Maybe it’s sex you’ve always wanted.
Well, they lie together
like the party’s unbuttoned coats,
slumped on the bed
waiting for drunken arms to move them.
I don’t think you want me to go on;
everyone has his expectations, but this
is a poem for the entire family.
Right now, Budweiser
is dripping from a waterfall,
deodorants are hissing into armpits
of people you resemble,
and the two lovers are dressing now,
saying farewell.
I don’t know what music this poem
can come up with, but clearly
it’s needed. For it’s apparent
they will never see each other again
and we need music for this
because there was never music when he or she
left you standing on the corner.
You see, I want this poem to be nicer
than life. I want you to look at it
when anxiety zigzags your stomach
and the last tranquilizer is gone
and you need someone to tell you
I’ll be here when you want me
like the sound inside a shell.
The poem is saying that to you now.
But don’t give anything for this poem.
It doesn’t expect much. It will never say more
than listening can explain.
Just keep it in your attache case
or in your house. And if you’re not asleep
by now, or bored beyond sense,
the poem wants you to laugh. Laugh at
yourself, laugh at this poem, at all poetry.
Come on:

Good. Now here’s what poetry can do.

Imagine yourself a caterpillar.
There’s an awful shrug and, suddenly,
You’re beautiful for as long as you live.

- Stephen Dunn